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WHY JOIN FLOAT THERAPY association AUSTRALia & new zealand?

Industry Associations serve as a unified voice for individual businesses, playing a crucial role in championing their interests. The strength of an association lies in its membership, as a larger collective enables greater resources to achieve shared objectives.

Floatation Therapy Association Australia & New Zealand (FTA ANZ) is the dedicated Industry Association committed to representing and supporting businesses in the field. Currently, FTA ANZ comprises a passionate team of business owners from States and Territory in Australia and New Zealand.

Member Benefits

Being a member of the FTAANZ means you are committed to the highest level of service and research in Floatation Therapy.

Your FTA Membership Includes:

  • Support of the FTAANZ for all things float related
  • Use of FTA-produced videos for promotional purposes
  • Valuable marketing exposure of your centre via the FTAANZ website and the ‘Float Finder’
  • Eligibility to display the FTAANZ Membership Logo throughout your business
  • Assisting in professionalising the industry, providing advocacy and a voice
  • Advocacy for classification and regulation of float centres across all states

With your support, the FTA can continue to work on advocating and increasing awareness of Floatation Therapy within the community.

Research & Education Initiatives

Looking ahead, FTA has ambitious long-term plans to fund research projects. By supporting rigorous scientific research, the association aims to establish float therapy as a mainstream therapeutic option, further enhancing its recognition and acceptance in the broader healthcare landscape.





Centres with multiple Float tanks


Centres with only one float tank

5 reasons to join THE Industry Association

  • 1. Expand Your Network 

Developing professional relationships with others in your industry is a great way to share ideas, learn best practices and to give and receive overflow clients. The FTAANZ has members in all States and Territories who share your passion for floating. It can be a tremendous support to associate with like-minded people, who know about the float industry and have common issues.

  • 2. Give Your Reputation a Boost 

When you’re an official member of an association, you’ll want to communicate it. You can include your membership on your email signature, LinkedIn profile and website. This demonstrates that you take your business seriously enough to spend time outside of office hours to learn more about the industry and participate in improving best practices. FTAANZ members will be able to provide additional information to promote their business through the Float Centre location section on the FTAANZ website.

  • 3. Find (Or Be) a Mentor

When things go wrong, we need someone to turn to. FTAANZ is full of like-minded business owners, many with years of experience.  You may also have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with others. The FTAANZ values all input and are there to provide support, particularly during these unprecedented times.

  • 4.  Advocate for your Industry

The FTAANZ is here to address common issues that affect everyone. As an independent not-for-profit Association, the FTAANZ can lobby on behalf of you. By becoming a member, you can support these efforts or at least be kept up to date on the work that is being done on your behalf. The FTAANZ is currently working on a range of initiatives with the following stakeholders: NDIS, Private Health Insurers, Work Cover, First Responders and ADF Veteran Affairs.

  • 5. Stay up to date with Industry Trends

Working in your business, dealing with the operational day to day management, does not leave a lot of time for working on your business; such as spending time researching ways to improve the way you work. One of the roles of the industry association is to help its members stay on top of industry trends. Newsletters, emails, seminars and other publications offer you regular updates.