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Use the float finder to find the nearest float centre in the Australiasia area that is a member of the FTA. Float Therapy Australasia is an Association body, not an actual float centre.

Use the float finder feature to locate a centre in the area you want to purchase the gift card. Float Therapy Australasia is an Association body not an actual float centre.

Use the float finder to find the nearest float centre in the Australiasia area that is a member of the FTA. Float Therapy Australasia is an Association body, not an actual float centre.

Each float centre sets its own pricing. Most centres offer multiple floating options including, but not limited to, an introductory package, single floats, multi-float packs, and memberships. Roughly speaking a one-hour float can be priced between $50 and $95 depending upon the terms under which they are sold. The cheaper floats mostly come with restricted terms.

Between each person floating all the water is pumped through a filter which removes any fine particles. Simultaneously, the solution is sterilised to kill bacteria and viruses. The high salt content, approximately 500kg, acts as a natural steriliser. Different operators use different technologies to filter and sterilise the water, these are the most common methods: 

  • Cartridge filtering screens out the finest particles. Occasionally glass and sand filters are used
  • Small doses of products like, peroxide, bromide or chlorine are used to control microorganisms
  • Using ultraviolet light
  • Contaminants are minimised because each person showers before they float

The risk of contracting an infection while floating is much lower than in everyday situations like working, shopping, commuting, or in swimming pools.

There are many different styles of float devices including pods, rooms and open pools so you can select a style based on the amount of space you feel like you need. Check with your local centre to see what style/s of devices they offer.

You’re always in control of your environment and can hop out if you wish. Most float devices have light switches in them so you are in full control, turning them on or off. You may also keep the lid/ door ajar if you prefer. People with extreme cases of claustrophobia may have to build up to the full reduced input experience.

The water is very shallow, just 25-30cm deep. Falling asleep is common and is a good indicator that you really needed some time out. You float on your back with absolutely no effort and with no tendency to roll over. The high salt content of the water you will remain buoyant on the surface whether you’re asleep or not. If you happen to roll over in your sleep the sting of the salt will soon wake you up!

As with all different therapies not everybody will enjoy floating. You need to be open to a very different experience when you float as it is an unfamiliar environment. It is recommended to float a few times (ideally 3-4 times about a week apart) to really start to let go and allow the process of this profound relaxation of your body and mind. Every float experiences are different, each time experiencing a more subtle or different layer of your being.

In most float centres you are in a private space and no clothing or swimwear is needed or recommended. The high concentration of salt can mean that some salt crystals may form in swimwear causing discomfort. The swimwear also gives you a sense of body so floating naked is best by far.

Yes, you are in control and can hop out at any time. In most floating devices you can also turn lights on and off and open and close the door/lid as you wish.

Not really. Depending upon your local centre you can listen to music, you can feel the warm water, you can touch the sides, have the lights on or off. You aren’t isolated from sensation at all. In some ways, you’ll have heightened sensations. People often hear their heartbeat and become incredibly intimate with their inner world.

Any condition exacerbated by stress. Floating decreases: blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels. It also frees the body of 90% of its neuro muscular activity and releases tension from muscle fibers. Many pain and stress conditions can be managed or treated as a result of these positive effects such as:


Anxiety disorders

Anorexia nervosa

Chronic muscle tension pain in back & neck

Chronic pain

Chronic tension headaches

Comorbid major depressive disorder




Panic disorder

Parkinson’s Disease

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Stress-related pain with “burnout depression”

Come with an open mind and leave all expectations in your car 🙂

You don’t want to be hungry or full, a light meal an hour or more prior is ideal

  Ensure you arrive well hydrated

 Avoid caffeine at least 3 hrs prior to your float

 Don’t shave or wax prior to floating, it will sting in the salty solution  Remove eye contacts (if applicable) before entering the float space

have coloured hair and the colour is still coming out when the hair is washed. Test this by drying with a white towel, if any colour then don’t float.

are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory disease

have an infectious disease

have open wounds or skin ulcers

have a perforated eardrum

are incontinent

experience extremely low blood pressure

are currently or recently experiencing diarrhoea

have uncontrolled epilepsy

are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

have recently applied artificial tanning products that may come off in the water

Please check with your health practitioner before booking if you are suffering from 

heart or kidney disease, asthma or mental illness psychosis

have severe skin conditions psoriasis or eczema.

Yes,  however, if you are having some challenges with your pregnancy please consult your health practitioner to make sure floating is still right for you. It is a wonderful way to take the weight off your entire body during pregnancy, with the added bonus of boosting your magnesium and sulphate levels which is essential for a healthy human to form.

Each float centre has their own guidelines and protocol around age limits. Have your parents / guardian reach out to your local centre if you are under 18 years of age and wish to experience floating.

The salt used to create the buoyancy is Magnesium Sulphate. Commonly known as Epsom Salt it relieves aches & pain, helps detox the body, and improves overall health. Magnesium is the second-most abundant element in human cells and the fourth-most important positively charged ion in the body. It helps to regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and performs a vital role in orchestrating many bodily functions, from muscle control and electrical impulses to energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins. Sulphate flushes toxins, improves absorption of nutrients, helps form joint and mucin proteins, brain tissue and helps prevent or ease migraine headaches. 

Basically we need it and most of us are deficient as the soil is now depleted. It is absorbed transdermally, via the skin.

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts used by the float industry) & Magnesium Chloride (Dead Sea salts) are both Magnesium Salts. When either Magnesium Chloride or Epsom Salt are diluted into water the bonds separate, so if both products were diluted into the bath water at the same time we would have 3 separate minerals:

Magnesium on its own

Sulphates on their own

Chlorides on their own

As the bonds separate, we uptake those 3 elements separately. Therefore, whether the Magnesium is initially bound to Chlorides or Sulphates becomes inconsequential as it is readily up-taken as Magnesium! Although both products have similar levels of Elemental Magnesium, the Chlorides & Sulphates it’s initially bound to are equally important as EACH one plays a different important role within the body, and provide different essential elements.

Transdermal therapy is by far the best method of absorption. Alternating between the two products can be very beneficial, epsom salts when floating and Magnesium Chloride in your bath at home, ensuring you are replenishing cells with all three minerals.

If you feel you need some extra support or have any concerns about your ability to float please contact your local centre to discuss solutions with you. Floating has so many benefits physically and mentally so reach out if you think you may need extra help.


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